Welcome to our Jackpot Grill & Bar restaurants. Our experienced chefs invite you to choice from a delicious menus. You can choose from simpler dishes, three course meals plus spectacular drinks in the bar.

Jackpot Grill & Bar

Opening hours

Daily 11.30 AM–5.00 AM

  • Poker Bar

    Opening hours

    Daily 6 pm-5 am.

    Welcome to the Poker Bar located in the poker room at the 4th floor. Enjoy something to eat from our bar menu and be inspired by the game's magical intensity around you.

  • Bar Black Jack

    Opening hours

    Daily 4 pm-5 am.

    Down one floor in the main casino is the Bistro Black Jack, in rooms that were once home of the fine old Bal Palais. The perfect place to relax while enjoying food and drink from our bistro menu.

  • Bar Cosmopol

    Opening hours

    Daily 1 pm-5 am.

    The Bar Cosmopol is at the heart of the casino on the ground floor. Sit and relax a while, and don't forget to look at the amazing ceiling.