About poker seat reservations

You can purchase tickets to our poker tournaments either through our website or from the cashier at the casino.

Online ticket sales

Unless otherwise stated, tickets are released at 1 p.m., 14 days prior to the tournament in question. Online sales close when the tournament begins on the day of the tournament, and any remaining tickets can be purchased at the casino.

A user name must be registered the first time you make a reservation through our website. Registration is binding (no refund of registration fee). If a registered player fails to appear at the tournament, the charged amount will be added to the pot.

Start time for tournaments

In Stockholm, all of the tournaments start when the poker room opens at 6 p.m., and cash games will start thereafter based on interest.

Special rules for tournaments

A tournament seat may not be used as a prize in a satellite tournament organised without the required permission in Sweden. Neither may a tournament seat be used in a manner that entails illicit promotion of a lottery organised outside of Sweden.

In a rebuy tournament a rebuy must be made immediatly at the table should one loose all ones chips during the rebuy period. It's is up to the player to have even money as we don't supply change at the table.

Late arrival

In the event a player who has paid all of the fees is not present, the dealer will place the absent player’s antes, forced bets or blinds. If the player arrives late, he or she can play with the remaining chips belonging to him or her. 

If you have any questions, please contact our poker department by phone at +46 20-219 219 (press 1 for Stockholm and 1 for questions about poker) or by email at stockholm@casinocosmopol.se.