Responsible gaming

  • Gaming responsibly means treating the activity as just one form of entertainment in a balanced lifestyle.

Casino Cosmopol takes a proactive approach to responsible gaming and as our guest, we encourage you not to spend more money or time than you can reasonably afford.
To ensure you do not play to excess, we advise you adopt four golden rules:

- Decide in advance how much you wish to spend
- Do not spend more than you can admit to your family or friends
- Try not to win back losses
- Do not borrow to play

Our gaming responsibility rules mean that we:

• Have a minimum age limit of 20.
• Offer voluntary agreements on an entry ban or alternatively, to restrict the number of visits.
• Provide information on help lines and addresses for support organisations and associations.
• Train all casino personnel in responsible gaming.
• Have a Responsible Gaming Manager (RGM), in each casino.
• Contact guests who show signs of gaming problems.
• Contact young guests who visit our casino frequently with the aim of advising them of their gaming for preventative purposes.
• Decline entry to guests who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Never offer free alcohol.
• Do not permit gaming personnel to accept tips.
• Playing on credit is prohibited.
• Restrictive marketing.
• The phone number to the support line (020 81 91 00) is printed on entrance tickets and receipts.

Support line

Support line for gamblers and relatives. Offer anonymous and free advice over the phone, chat, email and text message. 020 81 91 00 or

Change your gaming behaviour

Spelinstitutet offers online self-help programmes to help you change your gaming habits

Voluntary agreement

Guests who wish to take a break or reduce their gambling, can sign a voluntary agreement on an entry ban or restriction on visits. Guests can restrict their visits to a maximum of two per week, or to not visit Casino Cosmopol at all.

Such suspensions or visit restrictions can be for three months, six months or until further notice, however for at least 12 months.  Please contact our trained personnel who will explain more and help to arrange a voluntary agreement.

You can also suspend yourself from gambling via the national suspension register, This means that you bar yourself from all licensed gambling services in Sweden. This register only applies to persons with a valid Swedish personal identification number. 

Distance agreement

You can now sign a voluntary entry ban distance agreement. This means that guests who live a long way from any of our casinos or who does not wish to visit us, can also sign an agreement on restricting visits.

Please contact any of our casinos by phone and we will explain how you can sign a distance agreement.

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