Gambling awareness

  • Gambling should be enjoyed by everyone
Gambling awareness

Gambling awareness

At Svenska Spel, we want gaming to be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why we work actively to ensure that no one plays more often, longer or for more money than intended.

Here’s how we work together with our guests to keep an eye on their gambling habits:

- We have an age limit of 20 years.
- We offer voluntary agreements in which guests are banned from our casinos or the frequency of their visits is limited.
- We provide information such as the phone numbers and addresses of support organisations and associations for people with issues related to gambling.
- All casino staff receive training about gambling awareness.
- We have a dedicated gambling awareness staff at each casino.
- We immediately make contact with guests who show signs of gambling problems.
- We contact young, frequent casino guests as a precaution to alert them to their gambling habits.
- We escort guests who are noticeably affected by alcohol from our premises.
- We never offer free alcohol.
- We do not permit our gambling staff to receive tips.
- Credit games are prohibited.
- Restrictive marketing that, among other things, means that we do not promote casino games.

Four good pieces of advice

To avoid excessive gaming, here are four good pieces of advice to follow:

- Decide in advance how much to play for.
- Never play for more than you can tell your family and friends.
- Don’t try to win back losses.
- Don’t borrow money to play.

Take a gaming break

Time to do something else? You can easily take a break from the games at Casino Cosmopol. We offer suspensions or visit restrictions of 3/6/12 months or until further notice. Agreements can also be signed through Svenska Spel’s Customer Service, 0770-11 11 11.

You can also take a break from all games at all licenced gaming companies on the national self-suspension register,


Are you curious about whether your gaming is affecting you financially and emotionally? Test your gaming habits by taking our self-test.

To the self-test

Change your gaming habits

The Gambling Institute has web-based self-help programmes to help you change your gaming habits.


The Stödlinjen support line for players and relatives is run by the Centre for Psychiatry Research in Stockholm County. They offer anonymous and free advice over the phone and via chat, e-mail and SMS; you choose what suits you best.

Call Stödlinjen: 020-81 91 00 via SMS: 0730-12 15 85.

More about Gambling awareness

Do you wish to know more?

Call our Customer Service, 0770 - 11 11 11


ECA certificate

In December 2018, Casino Cosmopol received the European Casino Association’s (ECA) certificate for its work on responsible gambling, joining the growing number of ECA members certified under the 2018 Responsible Gambling Framework.

The European Casino Association represents licensed land-based casinos in Europe, with 28 members, approximately 900 casinos and over 70,000 direct employees. The purpose of the organisation is to address and promote issues related to the European licensed casino industry, promote responsible gambling, gender equality and diversity, address security issues, improve the image of the industry and combat money laundering. The organisation’s offices are located in Brussels, where it also operates in relation to the EU institutions.