Safety Measures at Casino Cosmopol

  • Welcome to Casino Cosmopol! We want your visit to be as safe, secure and pleasant as possible.

We are ‘Safe to Visit’ certified according to our trade association Visita, which means that we follow the recommendations and measures. For us it is of the utmost importance that our guests and staff can stay with us in safe conditions.

Casino Cosmopol have put in place the following security measures to meet the recommendations of the local authorities and our national and international professional organisations in order to reduce the spread of infection:


• All employees at Casino Cosmopol have been trained in how we work to combat the spread of infection, how masks/visors are used correctly and how we keep our equipment as clean as possible.

• Information about the actions we take and what we recommend our guests to do to reduce the spread of infection can be found below as well as at our casinos (reception, information stations).


Reduce crowding

• Distance markings on the floor where there is a risk of queues forming.

• Sparser furnishing and measures to create space and avoid congestion at gaming tables, slot machines and in the restaurant.

• Limited number of people, especially in crowded parts of the premises.

• Staff encourage all guests to keep their distance from each other.

• Guests sit at every other slot machine to avoid sitting too close to each other.

• Gambling at tables takes place in marked locations (no back betting).

• Food and drinks may only be consumed while sitting at tables.



• Access to hand sanitiser at several locations at our casinos.

• Our staff frequently wash their hands with soap and water and we also encourage our guests to do the same.

• Access to disinfection wipes at several locations at our casinos.



• Increased tidying and cleaning of the premises, which means that there is frequent thorough cleaning of public areas and equipment.



• Our staff use gloves, masks/visors where necessary.



• Guests may use their own masks, as long as guests can be identified when necessary.

• Guests may also wear their own gloves, but must be transparent if worn during games.