Responsible gaming

  • Gambling pleasure demands responsibility

Casino Cosmopol offers all the casino guests a gambling pleasure. At the same time, we work together with society and our guests, taking responsibility to ensure that their gambling does not lead to problems.

remains a source of pleasure for them and does not lead to problems.

We are currently working actively on responsible gaming by:

• Insisting on a minimum age of 20 for visitors to Casino Cosmopol.
• Offering voluntary agreements on access restrictions, either prohibiting access entirely or restricting the frequency of visits. (For more information, see the Voluntary agreement below.)
• Brochures containing the telephone numbers and addresses of aid organisations and societies are available from the reception areas of our casinos as well as in the gaming and restaurant areas.
• Each casino has a Responsible Gaming Manager, or RGM.
• Specially trained staff get in touch with guests showing signs of problems with gambling, inform guests of the downsides of gambling, tell them all about Casino Cosmopol’s voluntary access restriction agreements (access prohibition or restriction to certain times) and provide information on support and aid organisations they can consult.
• All staff undergo training in responsible gaming.
• Provide information on responsible gaming and gambling problems at Visitors to the site can test themselves there to see whether they have problems with their gambling.

• Multimedia displays in the casinos provide guests with the following advice:
- Decide in advance how much you are going to bet.
- Never gamble more money than you can explain to family and friends.
- Never believe you can win back the money you have lost.
- Never borrow money to gamble.

• The phone number of the support line (020 81 91 00) is printed on the back of entry tickets to the casinos and on receipts from the gaming machines.

• Anyone who is obviously under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed access to the casino.

• Casino guests who are obviously under the influence of drink or drugs will be ejected pleasantly but firmly.

• Free alcohol will never be offered.

• Casino staff are not allowed to accept tips.

• Money may not be passed from guest to guest; this is to prevent the risk of illegal lending or other illegal services.

• Prohibiting gambling on credit.

• There are clocks on all multimedia displays in the casinos to ensure that guests are made aware of how long they are playing.

• Casino staff meets up with societies for compulsive gamblers several times a year for advice on how casinos can develop their responsible gaming ethic.

• Not advertising on radio or TV, or outdoors. We do not tell people in our advertising how much money they could win.

Support line 020 81 91 00
You can call this line for support and tips if you yourself gamble or if you are a relative of a gambler. You can always maintain anonymity on these calls!

Gam Talk
The GamTalk has been developed by the independent company Spelinstitutet, which also runs the service.

On the GamTalk, you can:
• Chat to an advisor
• Ask an advisor questions by e-mail
• Talk to an advisor on the phone
• Hold discussions with other gamblers who have had similar experiences

Support Forum

Voluntary Agreement
Voluntary agreements on access restrictions, either prohibiting access entirely or restricting the frequency of visits, are offered to guests who want to take a break or gamble less. Guests can restrict their visits to a maximum of eight a month, or abstain entirely from gambling at Casino Cosmopol.

Guests’ access can be restricted or prohibited for at least six months; but they can also be prohibited from entering a casino for an indeterminate amount of time, with a minimum of 12 months. To enter into an agreement, just talk to our skilled staff and they will assist.