Responsible gaming

Enjoyment of gambling demands responsibility

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, approximately 2% of the Swedish population has a gambling problem or addiction. Research demonstrates that the younger you are when you begin gambling, the greater the risk you run of developing a gambling addiction.
A gambling problem means that someone is unable to control their gambling and that gambling has had negative consequences. Anyone may develop a gambling problem, compulsion or addiction: women, men, young or old and regardless of income or ethnic background.

At Casino Cosmopol, we work actively to promote responsible gambling in order to prevent these problems from arising.
As our guest, we therefore encourage you to gamble responsibly and to follow our sound advice:

- Decide in advance how much you intend to bet.
- Never gamble more money than you can explain to family and friends.
- Never believe you can win back the money you have lost.
- Never borrow money to gamble.

We are currently working actively on responsible gaming by:

• Insisting on a minimum age of 20 for visitors to Casino Cosmopol.
• Offering voluntary agreements on access restrictions, either prohibiting access entirely or restricting the frequency of visits.
• Making information available on telephone numbers and addresses of treatment facilities, aid organisations and societies for those who gamble to excess.
• Ensuring that all casino staff undergo training in responsible gaming.
• Appointing a Responsible Gaming Manager (RGM) at each of our casinos.
• Proactively contacting guest who show signs of gambling problems.
• Proactively contacting frequent visitors in younger age groups for preventative purposes, to highlight the frequency of their visits and gambling and to make them aware that they belong to a risk group.
• Speaking to very frequent visitors regarding their gambling behaviour.
• Politely but firmly ejecting guests who are obviously under the influence of drink or drugs.
• Never offering free alcoholic beverages.
• Prohibiting staff from accepting gratuities.
• Prohibiting gambling on credit.
• Restrictive marketing.

Are you gambling to excess?

What does in moderation mean?
• When gambling is a pleasure
• When you are in control of your gambling
In moderation varies from person to person

If you would like to test your own gambling habits, you can do so by visiting

If your gambling is not limited to our casinos but you also play some of Svenska Spel’s other games of chance, there are other tools that you may find valuable. Learn more and find tools at

Support line

The Stödlinjen support line for gamblers and their families. Stödlinjen is run by the Centre for Psychiatry Research, a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Region Stockholm, which offers anonymous, free-of-charge advice over the telephone, chat, email and SMS.
+46 (0)20 81 91 00 or This telephone number is displayed on our receipts and entry tickets.

Do you want to change your gambling habits?

Spelinstitutet (the Gambling Institute) has an online self-help programme where you can get help to change your gambling habits.

Spelfriheten (Freedom from Gambling) is based in Stockholm and offers outpatient treatment for gambling addicts and advice and support to codependents. They also have a free 24-hour helpline open 7 days a week. The helpline is staffed by recovered gambling addicts. Telephone +46 (0)8 37 43 00.

Spelberoendes riksförbund (the Swedish National Federation for Gambling Addiction) runs a nationwide network of self-help groups.

Voluntary Agreements

Voluntary agreements on access restrictions, either prohibiting access entirely or restricting the frequency of visits, are offered to guests who want to take a break or gamble less. Guests can restrict their visits to a maximum of two visits per week, or abstain entirely from gambling at Casino Cosmopol.

Our voluntary agreements can be entered into by speaking to our trained staff, or by contacting Svenska Spel’s Customer Services on 0770 11 11 11 or

Taking a break from gambling

As of 1 January 2019, Sweden has a national suspension register (Spelpaus) managed by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This service allows you to suspend yourself from gambling with all companies that hold a Swedish gambling license. Visit: