About Casino Cosmopol

Casino Cosmopol is a wholly owned subsidiary of AB Svenska Spel. On behalf of the government, we have been running the physical casino business in Sweden since 2001 with international casinos that offer an exciting mix of games, food and entertainment. You can visit our casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

You must be 20 years old or over to visit our casinos, be able to produce a valid ID, register as a guest and be photographed.

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the public authority tasked with supervising the gaming industry. They also issue licenses to companies wishing to operate on the Swedish gambling market.

Our license is valid for the period 01 January 2021 until 31 December 2025. 

Casino Cosmopol AB
106 10 Stockholm
+46 (0)10 120 00 00

For everyone's wellbeing

At our casinos, you will find all the ingredients for a successful evening. Here are a few tips and information intended to ensure that you and anyone else visiting us has a truly enjoyable experience.

Out of concern for your wellbeing, we are restrictive when it comes to mixing alcohol with gambling. A good piece of advice is therefore to avoid drinking too much alcohol before you visit us.

Feel free to photograph your company, but please respect the privacy of those who do not wish to be photographed and do not take photographs directly adjacent to gaming machines and tables. The best areas for photography are restaurants and bars.

Do you need to receive or make a telephone call? Naturally, you are quite welcome to do so; however, please leave the gaming table so that you do not disturb other guests or distract from the game.

Visitors to the casino are not permitted to lend money or ask for loans from other guests.

Complaints and disputes

If, as our guest, you feel that you have been wrongly treated or are in any other way dissatisfied with your experience while visiting the casino, you are welcome to submit a complaint. Initially we will of course attempt to resolve an disputes locally at each casino; however, if this proves impossible the matter will be referred to the committee based at Casino Cosmopol’s head office that has been specifically appointed to deal with disputes.