General terms and house rules

General Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings

1. Introduction

These general terms and conditions apply to the online booking of events at Casino Cosmopol AB and/or CC Casino Restaurang AB (hereinafter collectively referred to as Casino Cosmopol) and constitute part of the terms and conditions for the customer’s event-related order. The General Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings are available at

2. Definitions

In this context, the term “events” refers to all services and products provided by Casino Cosmopol that can be ordered via Events include game tournaments (including poker tournaments) as well as package and entertainment offers. The term “customer” means the natural or legal person who carries out an order for an event at Casino Cosmopol via Unless expressly stated otherwise, “ordering” means that the customer books and pays for an event via

3. Orders

Before placing an order, the customer should carefully read these terms and conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, an agreement between the customer and Casino Cosmopol shall not be deemed to have been entered into until full payment has been made by the customer and Casino Cosmopol has sent a confirmation of receipt of the order to the customer. The confirmation will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer in connection with the order. The e-mail confirmation is the customer’s receipt for the order. The receipt should be considered to be a valuable document and stored in a secure manner. Casino Cosmopol is not liable for damages suffered by the customer as a result of the receipt being lost or taken into the possession of another person. If a contract has not been entered into due to the fact that an order has not been received by Casino Cosmopol within the time limit, Casino Cosmopol is not liable for any damages or inconveniences, whatever their nature, that the customer suffers as a result of this. This applies regardless of the reason why the order has not been received by Casino Cosmopol at the appropriate time. In this context, “the appropriate time” refers to the deadline for booking the event under the terms and conditions established by Casino Cosmopol for the event in question.

4. Payment
Payment may be made by credit or debit cards linked to any bank, credit card company or other legal entity that Casino Cosmopol accepts as a payment processor at any given time. The list of accepted payment processors is included in the part of Casino Cosmopol’s website where online bookings are made. Payment must be made in Swedish kronor (SEK). The debiting of the customer’s credit or debit card normally takes place immediately after Casino Cosmopol has received the order. The customer is responsible for ensuring that there are adequate funds in the account for the amount to which the order relates. If the account contains inadequate funds or if Casino Cosmopol is forced to pay back the transferred amount to a bank, credit card company or payment processor, then the customer must immediately fulfil the payment upon Casino Cosmopol’s request. In the event of such a situation, Casino Cosmopol may alternatively terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Regardless of whether or not the agreement is terminated, in the event of a lack of funds in her/his account, the customer must fully reimburse Casino Cosmopol for any financial damages that Casino Cosmopol suffers as a result. In special cases, Casino Cosmopol may permit payment to be made in a different way and at a later date than stated above.

5. Cancellation

An order for a place in a game tournament at Casino Cosmopol is binding and therefore cannot be cancelled.

6. Cancelled events

Casino Cosmopol has the right to cancel an event for any reason. If an event is cancelled, Casino Cosmopol will refund, if possible, the amount paid by the customer to the credit card or debit card account from which the payment has been made. In special cases, Casino Cosmopol may issue the refund in some other way at the reception desk of one of Casino Cosmopol’s casinos. If the customer does not notify Casino Cosmopol within six (6) months of the start of the event that the customer wishes for Casino Cosmopol to refund the amount paid for the event, the customer loses her/his right to a refund.

7. Verification

When a customer pays online, Casino Cosmopol cannot be responsible for verifying the customer’s identity. Online payments are therefore made at the customer’s own risk. Casino Cosmopol is not responsible for the unauthorised or unlawful use of the customer’s or another individual’s identity, credit card, debit card or the like, nor for any damages suffered by the customer or another person due to misuse of credit cards, debit cards, the use of another person’s identity, or the like.

8. Terms and conditions specific to registration in a game tournament

When registering for a game tournament, the customer may only personally register her/himself once (1) for a single game tournament. The customer may transfer her/his place in a game tournament to another person. In order for this to occur, both the customer and the person to whom the place in the game tournament is to be transferred must simultaneously and personally report this at the reception desk of the casino where the tournament is being held. Any such transfer must take place no later than before the start of the tournament.

The right to participate in a game tournament may never be transferred to anyone else for a higher price than what the customer has paid Casino Cosmopol for the right to participate in the tournament.

If the right to participate in a game tournament is used for purposes other than those set out in these terms and conditions or in the rules and regulations adopted by Casino Cosmopol for the tournament in question, the right to participate in the tournament will be forfeited with immediate effect. If the right to participate in a game tournament is forfeited, the customer has neither the right to participate in the game tournament nor to transfer this right to another person. In the event of such a relationship, the customer is also not entitled to recover the amount paid for the right to participate in the game tournament, nor to any other compensation of any kind from Casino Cosmopol.

As an organiser, when people participate in game tournaments, Casino Cosmopol always possesses all rights to images and/or film recordings in the tournament area, free of charge. Casino Cosmopol also has the option to transfer these rights to another party on each individual occasion. In other words, players cannot claim the right to any compensation for images and/or films made in connection with game tournaments held at Casino Cosmopol. Otherwise, participation in a game tournament applies to the rules of play and order adopted by Casino Cosmopol for the tournament in question.

9. Complaints

If the customer wishes to cite an error of any kind in an event or an online payment, the customer must notify Casino Cosmopol within a reasonable timeframe from the time the customer notices or should have noticed the error (complaint). If the customer does not file a complaint within a reasonable timeframe, the customer loses the right to cite the error.

10. Force majeure

Casino Cosmopol is free from liability to the customer if the customer suffers any loss or damage as a result of force majeure. “Force majeure” shall be considered to constitute any circumstance beyond Casino Cosmopol’s control, which Casino Cosmopol could not reasonably have expected at the time of ordering and the consequences of which Casino Cosmopol could not reasonably have avoided nor overcome.

11. Personal data, etc.

Casino Cosmopol registers and processes the personal data provided by the customer in their order in order to fulfil its obligations under these terms and conditions and the implementation of the event.

When the customer participates in game tournaments and similar events, Casino Cosmopol publishes results and/or ranking lists on and in other forms.

Casino Cosmopol has assessed that the legal basis for the processing of existing personal data is necessary to satisfy a legitimate interest in being able to present both results and references from the event so that a complete event can be offered. A guest may object to the processing of her/his data related to results and/or ranking lists, but in such case the guest cannot participate in the event. A guest may object to the publication of images and recordings on social media by notifying the staff at the time of the recording/photography or otherwise by contacting Casino Cosmopol’s Data Protection Officer.

Complete information about the processing of personal data is described in “Information about the processing of personal data”, which is available on, and can also be provided by the respective casino’s reception desk or ordered by writing to Casino Cosmopol AB, 106 10 Stockholm.

12. Miscellaneous

Otherwise, the special rules and regulations that Casino Cosmopol applies at any given time to each event shall apply.

13. Disputes

Any dispute in connection with the online booking of events at Casino Cosmopol shall be settled in the Swedish courts pursuant to Swedish law.

These terms and conditions enter into force on 2018-05-25.

House rules

The Swedish Gambling Authority has granted Casino Cosmopol AB (Casino Cosmopol) a licence to provide casino games and games on vending machines (Casino Activities) at the casinos in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The Swedish Gambling Authority is tasked with supervising Casino Activities. Casino Cosmopol has issued these House Rules, which shall apply as the terms and conditions for visits to Casino Cosmopol’s casinos. 

1. General rules 

1.1 Regardless of whether or not they are participating in games, all visitors to Casino Cosmopol’s casinos must follow Casino Cosmopol’s House Rules and the rules of play.

1.2 Visitors must follow the instructions provided by the casino staff in order to maintain order within the casino and ensure that all games are conducted in an orderly, correct and safe manner.

1.3 Within the limits of what is permitted under the Gambling Act (2018:1138), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), and the Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (Prevention) Act (2017:630), Casino Cosmopol processes necessary personal data about its visitors. The purpose of this processing is to prevent, hinder and expose crimes within the casino, to assist in dispute resolution, and to counteract problems with excessive gaming/gambling and money laundering. Casino Cosmopol may also process visitors in other situations. Information about such processing and the legal basis for such processing can be found on

1.4 Visitors to a casino may not offer professional, financial or comparable services to other visitors to the casino. This applies both during and in connection with a visit.

1.5 Games that require a personal card for participation, so-called "Carded play", may only be played with the personal card provided to the visitor by Casino Cosmopol. Staff at the casino may request that the visitor identifies himself/herself in connection with games and other transactions (e.g. withdrawal of money) with such card and tickets created using such card. Casino Cosmopol is not obliged to pay out money if the identification information on a ticket does not match the person requesting payment.

2. Opening hours

The casino is open during the hours posted at the entrance to the respective facility and on the website,

3. Definition of a “gambling day”, etc. 

A “gambling day" refers to the period between the opening of the casino on a given day and the closing of the casino on the same day or the next day. 

4. Visitors 

4.1 Visitors must have a valid entrance certificate or be identifiable using the visitor registration system. The entrance certificate is personal and may not be transferred. At the request of casino staff, the visitor must be able to present her/his entrance certificate or participate in her/his identification using the visitor register.

4.2 The entrance certificate only entitles visitors to visit the casino during the gambling day or period indicated on the certificate.

4.3 An entrance certificate held by a person other than the person to whom the entrance certificate is issued may be cancelled without refunding the entrance fee. 

4.4 Visitors must be smartly dressed in accordance with Casino Cosmopol’s Clothing Policy. 

Clothing Policy: We do not have a strict dress code, but most people dress for a pleasant evening on the town. “Smart attire” is a widely accepted concept in Sweden that we apply at our casinos. We believe that the overall impression is more important than individual details or garments. For security reasons, Casino Cosmopol does not accept symbolic uniforms - motorcycle vests, protective vests, military pants/boots; headgear - hats, caps, or anything else that might obscure the wearer’s face and impede identification, sunglasses; bags - sports bags, backpacks or packaged items. In the case of poker tournament games, exceptions are granted allowing caps and sunglasses to be worn in the area of the tournament game. Headgear worn for religious reasons is allowed.

4.5 a) Computer equipment may be taken into the casino and used where it is not directly adjacent to the casino’s gaming machines or tables;

b) sound recording equipment, mechanical or electronic tools, or other equipment which may be used to manipulate the game equipment or the outcome of the game may not be taken into the casino. However, this rule excludes mobile phones; see Point 4.7 below;

c) it is not permitted to lend, borrow, or ask other visitors for money;

d) it is not permitted to carry flammable or explosive substances or materials, weapons, piercing or cutting tools, and implements or anything else which may cause injury to people, the interior, or the property of the casino;

e) if you wish to smoke, you may do so in the designated smoking areas. It is not permitted to bring alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants into the casino.

4.6 Feel free to photograph/film when you visit us, but only include people who want to be in the picture, and do not do so directly adjacent to the gaming tables. The best areas for photograpy/filming are the restaurants and bars. Exceptions to the above may be granted in some cases, but only with special permission from Casino Cosmopol. 

4.7 To prevent disruptions to games and avoid disturbing other visitors, telephone calls, video calls or other extensive mobile phone use should not take place directly adjacent to the gaming tables. 

4.8 If a visitor is not participating in a game, casino staff may request that the visitor leave her/his seat at a gaming machine or at a gaming table for the benefit of another visitor who intends to play.

4.9 Casino Cosmopol has the right to deny access to the casino to anyone who:

a) cannot be identified;

b) gives the impression that she/he may disrupt order within the casino, fail to heed the instructions of the staff, or interfere with a game or the manner in which the games are to be conducted;

c) has intentionally violated or gives the impression of disrespecting the law, Casino Cosmopol’s House Rules, or the rules of play, or who in any way – in words or deeds – treats other visitors or staff in an abusive manner, or fails to respect the instructions of Casino Cosmopol’s staff;

d) has voluntarily entered an agreement prohibiting or restricting her/his right to visit the casino, or who has chosen to activate a suspension via and subsequently breaches the prohibition/restriction; 

e) has an unpaid debt to Casino Cosmopol that is due for payment;

f) is subject to a prohibition against visiting the casino issued by Casino Cosmopol, and/or 

g) is not dressed in appropriate clothing, according to Casino Cosmopol’s Clothing Policy.

h) refuses to participate in security screening (metal detection) without reasonable grounds.

Casino Cosmopol may also refuse access to the casino without explanation, if special circumstances so require. 

4.10 Casino Cosmopol offers an action program to prevent problems with excessive gaming/gambling and can conclude personal agreements with visitors that prohibit or restrict their right to visit the casino. The same applies to Svenska Spel’s games. On, the visitor can conclude personal agreements to block her/his poker account or block to block her/himself from all Svenska Spel games. The establishment of an agreement can be arranged by casino staff and by Svenska Spel’s Customer Service, available at 0770-11 11 11.

It is also possible to suspend one’s online access to all licenced games in Sweden via This service is provided by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Please note that a suspension registered in means that the suspended person will no longer have access to the casino, regardless of the purpose of the visit.

4.11 Visitors are expected to collaborate with Casino Cosmopol to make it easy for everyone to follow the House Rules and the rules of play.

4.12 Violations of the law, Casino Cosmopol’s House Rules, or the rules of play and/or failure to follow instructions from the casino staff entitle Casino Cosmopol to escort the visitor from the casino without refunding the entrance fee. Casino Cosmopol does not refund food, drink, etc. that cannot be consumed because a visitor is turned away under this rule.

5. Separation of parts of the casino 

Casino Cosmopol may separate parts of the casino for high stakes games. Only people who are participating in these games have access to these parts of the casino. Casino Cosmopol has the right to refuse access to these parts of the casino without explanation. 

6. Closed Circuit Television System – CCTV

6.1 Casino Cosmopol uses CCTV to monitor and control the premises and all games. Visitors to the casino are thus subject to video surveillance.

6.2 Recorded surveillance footage is confidential. Only people authorised by Casino Cosmopol are entitled to access the recordings.

7. Amended house rules and temporary supplementary rules 

Casino Cosmopol has the right to change these house rules at any time for legal, technical or commercial reasons. Changes may also occur due to Casino Cosmopol's changed routines or for security reasons. It is the responsibility of the visitors to stay up to date as regards the house rules in force at any given time.

Casino Cosmopol has the right to implement temporary supplementary rules to these house rules, which will be stated in each casino and on the website. Violation of such temporary supplementary rules is handled in the same way as the ordinary house rules.

8. Complaints and disputes

8.1 Visitors to the casino have the opportunity to lodge a written complaint with Casino Cosmopol if they feel that they have been mistreated or were otherwise dissatisfied with some circumstance or situation inside the casino.

8.2 Casino Cosmopol shall primarily endeavour to resolve disputes locally in each casino. If this is not possible, the dispute shall alternatively be referred to the committee at Casino Cosmopol’s head office, which has specifically designated responsibility for the handling of disputes.

8.3 Visitors can also contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes – ARN (ARN, Box 174, SE-101 23 Stockholm) to have a dispute examined. A decision issued by ARN is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved. A visitor to the casino can also use the EU’s online dispute resolution platform to get help if a dispute arises.

8.4 A visitor can always turn to the general courts to have a dispute examined.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 These House Rules replace previous House Rules and apply from 2021-07-07.

9.2 These House Rules can be obtained on request and are also available at the casino reception desk. Rules of play can be obtained through information stations set up on the casino premises. Both the House Rules and the rules of play are also available on

9.3 Casino Cosmopol has the right to decide on temporary supplementary rules to these House Rules, which in such cases are clarified at the casino and on the website. Violation of such temporary supplementary rules is handled in the same way as violations of the normal House Rules.

9.4 The House Rules are drawn up in a Swedish and an English version. Should there be a discrepancy between the versions, the Swedish version shall take precedence.

Casino Cosmopol’s House Rules last revised 2021-06-11