Carded Play

  • How does Carded Play work at Casino Cosmopol?


On 1st November 2020, Casino Cosmopol will introduce ‘Carded Play’ on all its slot machine games. This means that you need a membership card (gold) or annual card (silver) to be able to play on our slot machines.

How do I get a card?
You will receive a membership card (gold) when you pay the entrance/annual fee and provide your email address, along with consent for us to contact you by email with news and information about our casinos. As a member you also get discounts on selected items in the restaurant and at certain events. If you choose not to provide your email address, you will receive an annual pass (silver) instead.

How do I use the card?
The card must be inserted into the card reader (located next to the Casino Cosmopol screen on the slot machine) before you insert a banknote or ticket into the banknote reader and can start playing. 

The card must remain in the card reader as long as you continue playing.

When you cash out or collect to transfer any remaining credits to a ticket, the card will be automatically ejected.

If you're running out of credits, you can also eject the card by pressing ‘Eject card’ on the Casino Cosmopol screen (next to the card reader), but this only works if you have 0 credits on the slot machine.

Remember that your card is personal - you must have it with you to be able to play on another slot machine or the next time you visit us. If you forget your card at home or lose it, just contact reception and you will be given a new card.

Why do I need a card to play?
At Casino Cosmopol, we care for you as a customer, but we also maintain a high standard in living up to the requirements that gambling legislation imposes on us as a licensed actor in the Swedish gaming market.

Introducing ‘Carded Play’ makes it easier for us to link cash deposits to you as a customer and therefore obtain better data for paying out winnings, preventing money laundering, and also helping you to keep track of your gambling without disturbing you in your gaming experience.

We are constantly working to raise the level of service for our customers and therefore also the pleasure of playing.